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Why Would I Need A Wedding Planner?

From Kellene: 

Here's the deal- by the time the event is over my feet are sore, not kinda sore but my calves are sore for the next two days. My feet are swollen sore. I have blisters sore. I'm not complaining, I thrive on this, but it's not the feeling I want my brides to have on their honeymoon. Its not the amount of work I did at my own wedding.  It's not the amount of work I want you doing on your special day, refer to your job description. 

Fanny packs are not a good look. Especially over wedding gowns. I wear a fanny pack all day. Yes, I am aware how horrible it looks (now-a-days people call them "Belt Bags"...but really it's Coach's version of a fanny pack with minimal aesthetic improvement) You wouldn't believe the things I carry around. Bobby pins, sewing kits, Binaca (trust me gum isn't a good look in video) a mini pharmacy and first aid kit, tape, energy bars,  a backup of all your songs (the dj forgetting your first dance music can send even the calmest brides into a panic) you get the idea...if you want the full list check out Betty's Boy Scout List...it's three pages long.

Similarly, watches are not a good look on brides, but once your oh-so-responsible sister in law starts drinking is she going to remember to tell you it's time to cut the cake? And where exactly were you planning on keeping your phone?

Aside from all the things you would expect a wedding planner to take care of, there are a million things that are going to come up on the day that you never even thought of.  I'm not trying to scare you. Just take a look at what you really want to be responsible for, and what you think your bridesmaids can actually handle.

Here's what it boils down to:

There is a big difference between having attended a lot of weddings, and having worked at a lot of weddings.