Betty Blue Events

At Betty Blue, our specialties are a little different than some of the other event planners you've come across.

Obviously you need a wedding planner who is organized, detail oriented (read: OCD), is up on industry trends, all things we are proud to say we excel in. But what is sometimes lacking is a wedding planner's ability to come up with a plan B, and C, and sometimes even D, within a moment's notice. 

We want you to save money and spend your wedding budget wisely. Betty Blue Events specializes in planning weddings for budget savvy brides. Betty Blue Events was started because there was a lack of budget friendly wedding planners in the San Diego Wedding marketplace. We always keep your wedding budget in mind when referring vendors, San Diego wedding venues, and helping you plan a beautiful wedding. We realize that there will be life after the wedding, and the added stress of financial burden is not the happiest way to start a marriage.

​Betty Blue Events specializes in diffusing tension, if you haven't started planning your wedding yet, you will soon find out "tension" is going to define some of your relationships throughout the planning process. Need someone to take the blame from your future mother-in-law? We got it. Need someone to put the DJ's ego in check, done. 

​Lastly, and maybe most importantly, as your wedding planner it is our priority to be here for you 24/7, really. Wedding rehearsal on Thanksgiving Day...done. Forget your toasting it. Night before the wedding and still haven't folded the escort cards...on it. Our goal is to make your day as easy as possible, remember your only job should be to have fun!

Wedding planning for budget savvy brides